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Early Access Program

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We are accepting applications to our Early Access Program Accelerate360.


Accelerate360 is about unlocking the value of your shopper through data and machine learning. When you are accepted into the program you don't simply receive our tech, you receive our team. 


Your 12-month program is engineered for organization empowerment.  We work hand-in-hand with your marketing, merchandising, technology, and customer analytics/insights teams - from discovery, through deployment, through value realization.


OpenMartech's #UnVendor commitment to our Accelerate360 clients includes full deployment (and early access to all of our innovation), ownership in your own cloud, and no required on-going subscription fees/license fees - ever.


We ask that you cover our costs (time and 3rd party tools), and we will provide all of the capabilities below as part of Accelerate360.


Your Technology

This is the tech-stack that transforms your business.  Delivered through AWS or Google Cloud, it is architected for enterprise scale and deployed into your account with source access and perpetual license.

Your Insights


Real machine learning creates insights that bridge between strategic goals and marketing execution.

While we focus on 7 customer optimization outcomes, we can address countless opportunities.

Your Marketing


We will sit down with you to define your path forward, creating a plan that aligns business outcome to marketing programs.​​

Our Team
(we will need them back)

You are not alone.


OpenMartech's charter is one of empowerment, providing hands-on support from implementation through marketing.  

Join our OpenMartech marketing list:

We are spam & pester free, we promise!

Thank you!

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