Crafting the connection between
data, context, machine learning, and insights.

They were always connected.

When we designed OpenINSIGHTS we had to work backwards.

From hundreds of business use cases, we identified the insights that mattered.

Then defined the machine learning needed.

That led not just to data, but to data contextualization.

OPENINSIGHTS is the marriage of 3 different technologies to delivery Customer Analytics and Insights*. 

*The decision to provide it all software fee-free, well that's another story.



Picture it as a CDP on a mission.
Far from a data "dumping ground," it has retail's most advanced data contextualization; making data valuable to both people & machine learning.



OPENML delivers value twice.
First through our quick-win prebuilt models.
Second, it arms your data science team to produce continuous learning-based products.



Insights create understanding.
This is where models and data blend to give us the business-critical insights we need about our customers and shoppers. 
All of them.

OpenCore details

We give you your own "digital data" pixel tracking.

We onboard 5 - 7 years' worth of transactional data.

Data contextualization is always included.

White-glove deployment  (we do the lifting) is currently included.

Your Deployment

After kick-off, implementation moves quickly.  

You should expect a few technical & strategic meetings.

The data we need is typically available through source systems.

Don't worry...

We've been dealing with legacy data and systems for 20 years.  We've got your back.

What we can't cure is a legacy organization...if you are ready to prioritize modernization, we are ready to accelerate your efforts. 

Your only hard choice.

You've got to choose. 
Each cloud provider has its own unique strengths.


Note - this isn't permanent.  Our solution is portable - i.e. we can migrate your OpenINSIGHTS across clouds in less than 1 week.


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