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Context Primer

Context is the process of defining meaning in the data.

Specifically, it's about making what, at times, is a qualitative experience into something quantitative.

This will often involve comparisons between customers, between product, and the relationships that connect it all.

Here are some details on Data Contextualization in the OpenINSIGHTS.

Current Context Engines

 - Customer Identity Management

- Transaction Lifecycle/Settlement Managment

-Global Product Taxonomies

- Enterprise Shopper Models

- Operational Analytics


ESM creates an analytical depiction of shoppers based on your digital and physical properties.

It allows intelligent aggregation points that articulate who each shopper is within sales channels and up to (and through) your retail brand.


Products come and go, but their influence shouldn't be determined by their lifecycle.

Global Product Taxonomy creates a "lens" from which customer historic product relationships can be viewed in the context of current (and future) product catalogs.


OpenMartech includes a vast (and growing) library of metrics & measures.  

OA is the glue uniting Global Product Taxonomy and the Enterprise Shopper Model to create a vibrant analytical view of shoppers' relationships to product, product thematic, and the retailer's brand at large. 


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