Build the future (and your career)

We are a start-up solving some of the hardest challenges in retail.  We do it with real machine learning.  We do it with industry leading technology.  We do it for some of retail's biggest brands.  We have a history of transitioning good code into great solutions and even better companies.


Joining Team Open means opportunity, autonomy, and rarely the same day twice.    We offer competitive compensation, flexible hours, and a culture focused on results...respecting your path to achieve them while supporting your journey to do so.  


At Open - data is in motion.  It moves from retail/3rd party source systems, through our Identity Graph technology, into the industries most advanced analytics engine (Mesh), fuels our neural networks, and is ultimately consumed by our clients via reporting/BI frameworks and our own OpenAudience marketing engine. 

Our point?  Our Data Engineering is unlike most data engineering gigs (where it's all ETL - all the time).  At Open you will be truly engineering data - managing and creating data supply chains, managing for data quality, supply/demand models, more.   This is where you build a data career.   

You will need...

  • Knowledge of the craft of ETL
     - mappings, logical/physical flow & pipelines, data dictionaries, program resiliency & data quality (practice)

  • Ability to execute on the craft

  • Strong analysis skills

  • Experience with Python is important

Even better if you...

  • Know you way around GCP

  • Big Query - yeah, been there

  • Have done work in PySpark

  • Some BI chops (Looker/Tableau)

  • Leadership interest...

As always, specific retail/marketing experience is always appreciated!