Open for Amazon AWS
Secure, scalable, turnkey
Customer Analytics & Insights Infrastructure

(yeah, it makes us smile too)

Transform the value of your AWS cloud
from technology to business value.

In less than 1 day - 
OpenMartech can deploy our infrastructure into your AWS environment.
In less than 1 month - 
your single customer view will be taking shape.
In less than 1 quarter - 
your machine learning will be coming online.
In less than 1 year - 
your insights-driven marketing will have paid for Open/AWS for the next decade.

You've never been closer to turnkey digital transformation.

Rapid Provisioning & Infrastructure Resilience

Our friends @ Terraform provide OpenMartech with the ability to rapidly provision your AWS Architecture.

OPEN for Amazon

An ultra-secure Customer Analytics and Insights tech stack.

Deployed using the best of AWS managed services.

Deploys at 1/5 the cost and
1/10 the time of other technologies. 

OpenMartech has proven instrumental in our expansion of AWS as we look to deliver
optimal customer experiences.

Your customer data environment, from the single customer view to advanced AI/ML, is housed in Amazon's high performance database.

Our deployment uses a high performance schema, optimized for event-based capture and reporting.


(Flintrock Optimized)

Your Machine Learning infrastructure is powered by EMR/Flintrock optimized
EC2 instances and includes statistical, predictive, and deep learning models.


Real-time data captured from your website, mobile site, mobile apps.

Inclusive of every in-bound marketing source, every interaction on your digital properties.


A 90 day pilot of Looker BI is included at no cost.


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