OPEN for Google Cloud
Customer Analytics and Insights @ home in your cloud

The Best of Open Leveraging the Best of Google Cloud Platform

  • 1/5 the cost, 1/10 the deployment time of other vendors

  • Includes 5-7 years of historic sales data

  • Real-time digital data capture

  • Machine Learning architecture (included)

  • Full staff training on Open's Google Cloud

Turnkey Modernization

We provide the infrastructure to advance your data/infrastructure 3 years forward in 3 months.

Big Query

Rapid Provisioning & Infrastructure Resilience

Our friends @ Terraform provide OpenMartech with the ability to rapidly provision your Google Cloud Architecture.

Google Big Query

Your data environment is
Google's high performance 
database flagship, Big Query - optimized for transactional and behavioral data.

Google Data Flow

Real-time data from your website, mobile site, in-bound marketing and first party ad tracking.

Ask us about adding Google Marketing Cloud spend data.

Google Cloud Compute

Machine Learning is enabled through Google Cloud Compute, including statistical, predictive, and deep learning.

Looker BI

A 90 day pilot of Looker BI is included at no cost.


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