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A commitment to you (and ourselves)


OpenMartech was created to focus on attainable innovation.  Beating the buzz out of the concepts that are required for us to achieve first as retailers, second as marketers, and third as an industry.   

#UNVENDOR represents a commitment to put your mission above ours.  To be true to the craft and the clients who put their trust in our technology, expertise and experience.  


We position what's built

No forward looking statements

Full transparency

Realistic deployment expectations

Shared Roadmap

Know what is coming,

when and why

Direct influence on roadmap

Collaborative development hours are included in Early Access Program

Real Use Cases/Case Studies

All use case/case studies must be fully supported by OpenMartech and available to all customers.

3rd party tech will be

identified by name

Ongoing Value Realization

Continuous Innovation 

Architectural Improvements

Performance and cost optimization

Commitment to Open

Opportunity to own source code


Flow of features into OpenCLOUD platform

OpenMartech will always provide
subscription-free value

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