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Angel has made his clients billions of dollars during his 20 years in data-driven retail marketing.

In his free time day he hopes to have free time.




Kelly builds companies and makes it so the rest of us get to focus on your needs.

Get a few drinks into him and ask him about the children's television series he produced - it's actually pretty good!



Chad has spent his years building and running massive scale cloud deployments.

He's pretty proud of his Purdue University heritage and his son is continuing the tradition.



Routinely slacking us @ 2 a.m. - Bill is our data science guru. His enthusiasm is infectious.

He definitely never worked at the NSA, a fact you should not ask him about when you see him DJing around Indy.

And a collection of intrepid investors, advisors and amazing team members

without whom none of this would have been possible.

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