• Angel Morales

FAQ: Top 5 Questions from ShopTalk

We just got back from our launch at ShopTalk. A lot of great questions were asked - so here are the top 5 answers.

1. Hey - What happened to ZIO?

ZIO is OpenMartech, it's the relaunch of ZIO's Customer Intelligence platform under a new "Open" business model - something that I think was long overdue for our industry.

2. What is Customer Intelligence?

No one wants the single shopper view. What we want is the value that lives on the other side of it - the "Insights" that the data produces that change the way we market, merchandise, and run our companies.

3. What's is part of the Package?

OpenCore is your single view of the shopper. It includes identity management, catalog management, Point-of-Sale and Order Management data on-boarding. It also includes your own "pixel tracking" which means everything that happens on, or drives visitors to, your website (mobile/apps) is captured in your own database.

OpenML is the machine learning platform. It's a collection of statistical, predictive and deep learning based models that uses the data in OpenCore.

OpenInsights are the "answers" to a few hundred business/use cases. It's where we identify churn risk, future shopper value, unlock relationships the shopper's relationships with/across sales channels, and proactively push opportunities to monetize shoppers your way.

OpenAction provides all of your behavioral/triggered marketing, but also access to our new Lifecycle Programs. It also supports

Looker BI is our integrated business intelligence platform. For retailers who move forward with our Accelerate360 Early Access Program, they receive a licence included in the program.

4. What's "OPEN" about it?

First is the the concept of ownership. We wanted our retailers (and select vendors) to have access to what we have built. For retailer's - it means that we give you access to our source code, deploy it into your own cloud, and provide you perpetual liscenced use with source code access - our technology is yours.

Second is the deployment model. As mentioned above, you give us access to your existing cloud, and we "blow in" our single view of the shopper, our customer intelligence technology, configure everything to leverage your data, and...whoalla - you have your own Customer Intelligence hub.

5. Is it true about your billing model?

Yeah, there is none. OpenMartech client's are under no ongoing obligation to pay us software subscription or licencing fees.

6. Why the #$%&% would you do this?

Sometimes to fix an industry you have to change it. There is a lot to be learned from OpenSource - where innovative IP, combined with a sense of purpose and community can lead to transformation. For us, it OpenMartech allows us to raise the tide for marketing at large.

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