noun  in·sight  \ ˈin-ˌsīt \

an understanding of relationships that solve a problem or
identify an opportunity.

OPENINSIGHTS unlocks the opportunities that matter the most

We focused our prebuilt Machine Learning on customer optimization.

Customer optimization unlocks the value

of every shopper,

across every product line,

within every sales channel,

and every stage of  their lifecycle.

OpenINSIGHTS continuously updates, providing data freshness and the opportunity to automate insights-driven marketing.

powered by Open Cognitive Framework

Simply put, our platform 'thinks like you do'.

We support our retailers with dedicated "stratectical" time, the mission to help you realize the value of our insight - not just in marketing but across the company.

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Customer Spend Optimizaiton

Churn Risk - Identification of a shopper progression towards lost in sales channels and in product lines

Attrition - Inidividualized recognition of when a customer is lost within a sales channel, sales property, or product line

Predicted Future Value - the realistic probable value of your customers within sales channels, sales properties, and product lines


Shopper PreTargeting

Predicted Line Purchase - predicts your entire product catalog, including:

Prospecting - Line level “new to them” products

Continuity - Product line level repurchase

Seasonality - Prediction to purchase within season/seasonal product lines

Your spec / future catalogs (yes, that is amazing)


Secrets to Scale

Our secret to scale is called feature engineering which is included in OpenCORE (your single shopper view).


Transaction Lifecycle - we manage and track it all, from returns to exchanges - no matter where they happen.


Global Product Taxonomy - unlocking shopper propensity to purchase means understanding historic product.


Our Enterprise Shopper Model -describes your customer's relationship to products, to stores (digital, marketplace, or physical) to sales channels, to your retail brand.