Refocus on the business of optimizing shopper relationships

Vendors never understood your mission.

You never wanted a single view of the shopper.

You were after the value that lives beyond it.

You need your shopper data in your own walls.

It's your data, you should own it...all of it.

You have to modernize your system and data.

High-performance data solutions in cost-effective clouds.

You need to empower your internal teams.

Tools, technology, and training.

You need AI to be Less Artifical, More Intelligent.

Scalable, always-on learning that fuels revenue growth.

You need to score some quick wins.

New marketing programs powered by Insights.

Welcome to your Open Future


We built OpenMartech to honor your mission.

Beyond the single view of the Shopper

It's not about the data that is collected,
but the value created.

Industry-redefining machine learning creating opportunities to optimize customer lifecycle

Marketing-focused use cases, complete with merchandising, offer, and marketing spend individualization.

Ownership & Modernization

Deployed into your cloud, it's what happens when data meets infrastructure modernization.

Be beholden to no vendor.  Your OpenMartech infrastructure includes digital behavioral pixel tracking.  We did say "all your data."

Customer Mission:
Real AI

Prebuilt models to help you accelerate.

Infrastructure built to scale.

Collaborative training for your staff with real-world projects.

We are truly

Data Mission:
Internal Empowerment

An infrastructure that scales infinitely.

GDPR/CCPA compliance.

BI ready (We like Looker, but won't shy away from PowerBI, Tableau, or __).


Open License 

Deployed under an irrevocable license, your OpenCloud infrastructure is yours for life.  We want you to be empowered to build upon it.  From building tech, through teams, through process.