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We provide the technology
that provides your next step.

OpenINSIGHTS is your full-stack
Enterprise Insights Platform

It's more than technology.

It's transformation, it's acceleration, it's modernization.

Yes, it's also free of any ongoing license and subscription fees.

Acknowledging retailer wants and needs

You want to deploy in your "cloud du jour"

OpenMartech's OpenINSIGHTS can be deployed into your




You need to modernize your infrastructure

Move to the cloud...your cloud



Enterprise scale via a
high-performance data environment

Open is operational data
- not a "side load" in your cloud
- not a copy of a copy of your data

You Want it eas(ier)

 An "as low impact as possible" implementation that gets you fully up and running in 90 - 150 days.

Cloud expertise at your fingertips (and inclusion in our Early Access Program)


Industry-leading 3rd party bolt-in technology

(like Looker BI)

You want to empower your orgnization

Full data ownership meets full accessibility


You have the infrastructure to build on, including Machine Learning


 with NO required
ongoing OpenMartech software fees.

Be in Compliance & Reduce Liability

GDPR is here, CCPA went into effect in early 2020
Open makes it eas(ier).


We offer expedited data repatriation eliminating millions of dollars in liability associated with distributed shopper PII.

Your complete solution

2 decades of IP

22 months of development

Millions of lines of code

Learn more about OpenINSIGHTS and the platform that was 20 years in the making.

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